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IPTV/OTT Smart desktop solution-EPG

亚�- IPTV/OTT Smart desktop solution£¬Adopts the new generationEPGTechnical system£¬Based on the mixed build business form£¬Including£ºComponentizationEPGMode¡¢C/SMode¡¢B/S£¨H5£©Mode£¬Provide the technology stackLauncher/EPGBusiness support ability£¬Provide no perception iteration services to end users£¬Improve the end user front-end business interaction and experience¡£

Chengdu亚�Science and technology co., LTD-Intelligence is recommended
Chengdu亚�Science and technology co., LTD-More screen interaction

More screen interaction

IPTV/OTT More screen interactive solution

亚�-IPTV/OTTMore screen interactive solution£¬A virtual remote control¡¢Unified terminal data¡¢Interactive screen¡¢Through various channels¡¢Business training, etc£¬Based on the mobile end£¨androids/ioses£©WeChat public¡¢Small program¡¢A mobile phoneAPP, etc£¬Now network implementation operatorsTVEnd¡¢STBThe solid interaction£¬Business services for all operators to provide terminal interaction¡£


Based on the edge nodes5GCloud computing services

亚�Science and technology5GGreat video cloud solutions£¬Focus on the application and business£¬Assist operators from pure pipe providers to pipeline¡¢The data¡¢The content of integration£¬For operators to reverse the trend of pipelining in the future¡¢High performance network business value fill¡£

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